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The second step of the process is to get a clearer picture of actual broadband speeds throughout Victoria County.  Many internet service providers will use in their advertising, for example, up to 1.5 mbps in download speeds. Only after doing the speedtest will you know your average & real speed. Go to this website to do your speedtest. The County would like you to record your download, upload speeds, pings and the weather when it was done. Wind, rain, snow and ice can slow down your speeds.

Please record your data on this pdf sheet- Victoria County Broadband Speedtest Once your data sheet is complete, scan and e-mail to victoriacountybroadband@gmail.com.  If you do not have a scanner please go to the contact page and send us your contact info. We will e-mail you a word document then you can filled out, save and send as attached file to the above e-mail address.   Deadline for speedtest reports is Saturday, March 12.   Thank-you in advance for your cooperation.