CRTC Makes it Interesting for Rural Canada

February 9, 2017 Tom No comments exist

One of the biggest new stories to hit rural Canada communities was “CRTC declares Broadband internet access a basic service” on Dec 22, 2016..  Imagine having 50 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads for your household residence or business in a your rural community. CRTC indicated that 82% of households and businesses currently have the above speed now. Stats Canada recently released some interesting census data – 82% of Canadians live in large and medium size cities.  So one could figure most of rural canada doesn’t have it.

CRTC are asking internet service providers to contribute to a fund so that in 2021, 90% of households & businesses will have 50 Mbps download speeds and 10 Mbps upload speeds and 100% in 10-15 years..

Then reality hits …just 7 days earlier, Federal Gov’t Dept. of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announces $500 million program to bring Broadband to rural communities across Canada. The definition of unserved households was those who do not have 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speeds.

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